Department of Computer Science | Institute of Theoretical Computer Science | CADMO

Theory of Combinatorial Algorithms

Prof. Emo Welzl and Prof. Bernd Gärtner

// Prog: HaringSarah.cpp // Author: Sarah Haring // Draws fractal tree - graphics for Lindenmeyer system // Use 3 or 4 iterations for best results. #include #include //#interations: i, angle: w //POST: Draws tree with i iterations and uses w for angles void f (const unsigned int i, const unsigned int w) { if (i == 0) ifm::forward(); // F else { f(i-1,w); f(i-1,w); ifm::right(w); ifm::save(); //save current position ifm::right(w); f(i-1,w); ifm::left(w); f(i-1,w); ifm::right(2*w); f(i-1,w); ifm::restore();// jump to last saved position ifm::left(w); ifm::save(); ifm::left(w); f(i-1,w); ifm::left(w); f(i-1,w); ifm::right(2*w); f(i-1,w); ifm::restore(); } } int main () { //Input std::cout << "Number of iterations =? "; unsigned int n; std::cin >> n; //Output ifm:: left(90); ifm::forward(5*n); //"trunk" ifm::save(); f(n,11); //tree1 angle 11 ifm::restore(); ifm::left(20); ifm::save(); f(n,23);//tree2 angle 23 ifm::restore(); ifm::right(19); f(n,30);//tree3 angle 30 return 0; }